A name change?   4 comments

I’m considering doing a name change for my blog. I’ve never gotten that many hits on my blog, but lately, it has just been abysmal.

Granted, this doesn’t address the lack of activity on my ManaNation article, where its one comment was an ironic pile of fail.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a “recognized” name (as well as my name being a relatively hard-to-pronounce one) in that people won’t think “Hey, Usman said something, it”s a good idea and I should take that into consideration” but rather “some random said something.  Whatev, I don’t know him.”

Either way, it’s annoying.


Posted November 13, 2010 by Usman in Uncategorized

4 responses to “A name change?

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  1. I don’t think it has much to do with your blog’s name. It’s just that cube isn’t a format that many people are all that interested in.

    • I think that cubing is becoming more popular (it’s certainly more popular than it was in 2008) – my blog’s content so far is mainly about theoretical aspects cube design, and there’s only so many cube designers in the world (I don’t know how many cubes there are in my home town, but it’s likely lower double-digits) as opposed to people who just enjoy cube drafting (the former requiring much more knowledge about the format than the latter.)

  2. “I’d Rather Be Cubing” is easily more memorable than the proposed changes. I wouldn’t overreact to one article, pal. Remember that most people who read an article don’t comment, and people who do comment are the few who liked it or hated it enough to spend the time to make their opinions known. The silent majority are usually the ones who like it.

    Cube Draft is one of the most popular nonsanctioned forms of Magic, and building a good Cube is something that’s really hard to do. Just keep writing what you love to write about!

    • While I do agree RE: comments and that those who reply either to things in general really like/dislike what’s being shown, it still doesn’t address the abysmal view count. I’m assuming that the views on the ManaNation article were similarly abysmal.

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