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I’ve taken pictures of my commons cube and uploaded them to my commons cube post.  I haven’t been able to pick up some obscure cards like Kirtar’s Desire but I should soon.  There are some pics of my powered cube in its thread as well.  It’s not up to date, but most of the contents are there.  It shows some of the interesting proxies/alters that I have, like the Gumby Chameleon Colossus and Simba Savannah Lions.

For those of you who came here via Limited Resources, I forgot to give a shoutout to Adam Styborski and his pauper cube blog.  He’s written a bunch of stuff on ManaNation on cube theory as well as on his blog and his commons cube is very good.  When he was in town, I drafted it and I was impressed.  So, go and check out his blog!  🙂


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