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I submitted my draft for a new cube article, it’ll be up on Christmas Eve.

I’ve been tinkering with my list lately (although the people flaking out/not being able to get a draft going thing is still making actual drafts hard to come by) – the actual changes will be posted in a post later.  I’ve been tinkering with my list for about a week, but I haven’t been able to get around to updating the list nor have I been able to cube with it.

I’ve been thinking about the individual colors and combinations, what they generally want to do and how to reflect that in the colors themselves.

White/Red – Aggro
White/Blue – Control
White/Green – Aggro (leaning midrange)
White/Black – Aggro (leaning midrange)

White overall – 3 Aggro, 1 control, (2 leaning midrange)

Blue/Green: Midrange
Blue/Black: Control
Blue/Red: Control
Blue/White: Control

Blue overall – 3 control, 1 midrange

Black/Red:  Aggro
Black/Green:  Midrange
Black/White:  Aggro (leaning midrange)
Black/Blue:  Control

Black overall – 2 aggro, 1 control, 1 midrange (1 leaning midrange)

Red/White:  Aggro
Red/Green:  Aggro
Red/Black:  Aggro
Red/Blue:  Control

Red overall – 3 aggro, 1 control

Green/Red:  Aggro
Green/Blue:  Midrange
Green/White:  Aggro (leaning midrange)
Green/Black:  Midrange

Green overall:  2 aggro, 2 midrange (1 leaning midrange)

ALL overall:  5 aggro, 2 midrange, 3 control (2 from aggro leaning midrange.)

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be strategies like RG ramp and BW control, but these show where the color combos excel.

Thinking in terms of this, like thinking about red’s lean towards aggressive strategies, has gotten me to thinking about what I want the colors to do – like looking at the number of “wraths” and big spells in red, how to give white aggressive strategies more support (adding Mirran Crusader will help) and to try to give blue tempo a shot.

But that’ll come later.


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