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So I’ve so far done 5 episodes of the cube podcast, “The Third Power” and I think that it’s gone well.  I had a long talk with Marshall from Limited Resources after the first episode and he definitely helped me realize what I was doing right and wrong.  I think that it’s gone really well so far, the flow is solid and conversational and I’ve been very happy with how they’ve been turning out.  Feedback has also been good, overall.

I’ve also been meaning to plug my friend Andy Pekios’ write-up of his making top8 at the SCG 5K in KC.   I used to play limited FNM with him about 5 years ago and when I saw him at the top rankings of the charts, I was REALLY stoked.  Although he didn’t win the entire thing, it was still good to see some success happen to a friend.

Other random things:

I talked about how I wanted to test Bonehoard in cube and how it seems really good, but I haven’t had time to test it (as I’ve had nearly zero free time lately.)  I did some this morning (can’t make the PR today, maybe tomorrow) and I am definitely impressed, at least in midrange.  While the lack of evasion can suck, it’s either acting like an Abyss or being equipped onto something with evasion (8/9 Nighthawks are really scary, I hear!)  If I can get a PR, I’m going to try to get a foil of it or at least pick up a copy on the cheap online.

I also have changed my mind on Turn the Tide for commons cubes, probably because of Ryan and Marshall dogging on it on Limited Resources.  Most of the “shrink” type of effects don’t do that much and I can’t think of too many combat scenarios, now that I think about it, where that’d be a huge blowout.  Also blue is incredibly tight (and thanks to my doing the SWOT analysis on blue and white in cube [which, btw, you need to read NOW if you haven’t] – I’m going to redo my sections and focus on the strengths, like getting Cloud Spirit and Rishadan Airship in.  So what if they’re not as good as Ravenous Skirge?)

Once I get done with the SWOT articles, I’ll probably do one (or a few) on the differences between commons and non-commons cubes.

Anthony and I are also going to do a Cube “crack-a-pack” at the beginning of each episode since we have Marshall’s blessing to do so.  😀

List updates to come soon.  Definitely need to get Black Sun’s Zenith and GO FOR THE THROAT (which, btw, totally sounds like something that would be yelled by the “gang vocals” in a thrash metal song, likely during the chorus.)


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2 responses to “Odds and Ends – podcast, MBS, etc.

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  1. Black Sun Zenith seems super impressive and Go for the Throat is probably the best black black spot removal we will ever see. I have always been a HUGE fan of Ghastly Demise but Throat is nutty.

    Both of those cards will be making an appearance in my Indianapolis SCG 5k deck. Now if I play mono-black or B/x is undecided still. I have a strong idea of what deck list I will be running. Overall MBS doesn’t impress me currently for constructed just because of Valakut decks (in all currently relevant constructed formats). I think this set will outshine Scars after the next rotation. There is so much potential for all the cards in his set.

    I’m of the camp that Tezzeret isn’t the real deal – yet. I think he’s a few cards away from being good enough in standard at least. With the completion of this block though I expect him to be the “Jace” of the next standard. He is quite strong, just lacking home. Thrun I think will be an all star in the future but is not good enough with gatekeeper, vapors, black zenith, and 4 wrath effects in standard. He doesn’t stand up well against valakut combo either. /rant off

    I’m a couple episodes behind on “The Third Power” but I’ve enjoyed the first three. Was super sick for a few days and then a million other things went wrong with my apartment and at work so I’ve fallen behind on my casts. Also the reason I never did my follow up post about the SCG event, lol. I’m hopefully going to get caught up before this weekend when I travel to Indy.

    • Another thing is that standard, right now at least, seems to be a “Titan world” and Titans just look at Thrun and say “that’s nice, power on through me now” so I’m not sure if Thrun’s gonna have a home in Standard (at least right now.) I absolutely ❤ it in cube, though. 🙂

      The set gives me a Conflux vibe and I'm not sure why. From an outsider looking in, I get the impression that much isn't going to break in through standard (and I've no idea if the poison deck that Wizards seems to be pushing is legit – since it seems the decks that Wizards tries to push sometimes fail HARD like almost every iteration of white weenie and mono-black control.)

      I just really hope that Living Weapon and Battle Cry get used in the next set. They're brilliantly designed and it'd be a shame for those mechanics to be shelved so quickly, since they've got great potential. Especially Living Weapon, LOVE that mechanic. It’s like Ninjitsu, loved the mechanic, but it just was presented in Betrayers and left with it. I really hope that Wizards doesn’t repeat that same mistake.

      If you go to Indy, I hope it goes well. 😀 I'm probably too broke to go and if I went, I'd try to just cube and do a draft event.

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