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Soltari Champion
Chainer’s Edict
Memory Lapse
Breeding Pool
Chameleon Colossus
Mire Boa
Fetid Heath
Animate Dead
Ajani Vengeant
Bloodstained Mire
Coralhelm Commander
Hellspark Elemental

In the latest episode of The Third Power, we talked about the archetypes in cube like aggro, control and the like on the latest episode.  We’re likely going to do an entire episode later on how to support aggro and things like that, but the others… maybe not as midrange decks don’t really require explicit support.  Control decks are similar, but they also generally need less support in cubes, not more, because control tends to get too much support because of undervaluing aggressive cards.


Posted February 11, 2011 by Usman in Crack-A-Pack, The Third Power, Uncategorized

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