Commons cube changes… but no log.   1 comment

I finally updated my commons cube, but I unfortunately don’t have a log of what I took out for them since I changed my actual cube without changing the blogged list and had to reconcile the changes (not doing that again, that’s for sure.  Ugh.)  However, (most of) the cards that are new/came in are without card tags, so that should help provide for a bit of assistance on what came in.

However, it does kinda outline something in that when people post updates to cubes, commentors (in general, not just on my cubes) rarely comment on other cards such as “why is card X here?” and things like that, perhaps because people are just centered on the incoming/outgoing cards.

Could it just be justification for my not being current?  Probably.  But a few other things.

Trinket Mage is coming in, since I have enough support for it, I think.   I decided to test Stoneforge in my regular cube when I had 1 target for every 45 cards (draft set) and this rule applies for Trinket Mage too.  Nothing’s as broken as SoFI, but grabbing something like a Bonesplitter should be solid.

Also, green getting some more aggro tools with the Pit-Skulk and blue evasion-based archetypes with stuff like Cloud of Faeries, Soratami Cloudskater, etc.  Will their fragile bodies be offset by their evasion?  I think so.

Some other cards that I’m giving a shot – Devout Witness, Mogg Flunkies (since the aggro archetypes have a lot of 1-drops to support it with.  On a very trial basis, though), Plover Knights, Greater Basilisk (although the deathtouch is almost irrelevant), Wall of Tanglecord (stops EVERYTHING… except Crusher) and Explore.

I’d like to try Portent (the worst of the 1-mana filtering spells, but still solid, perhaps) and Fierce Empath (1/1 body is so terrible though, but again, the support for the search is there.)

In other news, Green cube SWOT should be up on Wednesday.  Anthony and I will be recording our next episode on Wednesday night, the episode being about aggro in cube (which I could definitely get on my soapbox about… and have!) which should be a really good episode.

But for now, sleep (which is why there are no card tags up for now.  Expect them in a few days.)

[edit – Oh and Pristine Talisman looks quite solid in commons cubes.  Priest looks to be good too, but perhaps not good enough.]


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One response to “Commons cube changes… but no log.

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  1. Slow is slow.

    I think that the blue creatures section is too tight for Trinket Mage. Besides Bonesplitter, there really isn’t much exciting thing to search out for. Trinket Mage is still solid, but more borderline than anything.

    Cloud of Faeries was always too irrelevant for us. Cloudskater is looter on crack.

    Devout Witness seems like a nice sideboard card. I’m also testing out Flunkies right now. Go go Plover Knights! I just cut Greater Basilisk, actually, because most of it’s charm is in blocking (undoubtedly, it’s not bad on the offence either, but just not superior to other options). Wall of Tanglecord seems like a nice test, but I can’t see it in the green section; are you putting it in artifacts? And Explore is acceptable; keep us updated.

    I considered Portent at one point, but it’s a bit down the list of cheap library manipulation, and I don’t think the cube has room for it.

    Fierce Empath seems eh, but I can see it being useful enough.

    Not really feeling a lot of these changes, but that’s probably because I don’t know what youre cutting for them. xD In any case, no objections.

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