Episode #7 Crack-a-Pack + another poll.   3 comments

The podcast’s episode #7 about aggro in cube is now up!  The crack-a-pack poll and pic are below:


So what’s this other poll? Me and Anthony are in talks with Inkwell Looter to have business cards for the podcast – an idea that we have is to have a commonly used cube token as one side and to have the show’s info on the other. The question is… what token? Well, that’s what the poll is for!

We’re leaning towards the first two, me towards Illusion because of Meloku being essentially an evergreen blue card and Anthony leaning towards soldier because so many cards use it in cube. What do you think? Let us know in the poll!


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3 responses to “Episode #7 Crack-a-Pack + another poll.

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  1. I voted for illusion bbecause it’s so hard to get tokens for that one. I have like 30 soldier tokens or so. I would loooove to get one of your business cards if that came to fruition 🙂

    Great show as always, keep it up ::)

    (Sylar teh Evil on mtgs)

  2. I just found both your blog and your podcast today after following a chain of links that involved Thea Steele and Cube Card a Day. I’m only through a few posts and a couple of podcast episodes, but I’m really enjoying your content and look forward to more. I’m especially appreciate of your tone in the podcast that suggests there is no perfect answer to the cube concept. I’m growing increasingly tired of comments I read online anymore that seem to ignore the fact that cubing is entirely based on personal preference and should be tuned to maximize fun for the playgroup.

    And after seeing your name on the CubeDrafting forums for months, it’s finally nice to figure out who “Usman” is.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hey, what’s the deal with your wrath of god there? I recognize the art as the Alpha playtest art. Is it an actual printed card or is it a proxy you’ve made up? If so where did you get it. It’s so sweet.

    Great show, keep it up. Love t finally hear a good cube podcast!

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