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Sometime yesterday, I got an email from Steve Sadin asking me to write cube content for Starcity.  Seems he and Evan have been digging my stuff here (I’m assuming earlier content, since a lot lately has been “Hey, crack a pack!”)  I accepted the offer last night and I’m still shocked about it.  I dunno when it’ll be formal or anything, but I’ll probably go I’M OFFICIALLY ON STARCITY SON or something stupid like that.  Just wow… wow.  🙂

In other news, Anthony and I probably won’t be having a podcast this week, timing’s been pretty off, he got sick for a little bit, I’ve been working a lot and he’s going to crush SCG Memphis this weekend (and I can’t go because of likely working on Saturday.  Dagger!)   The episode’s gonna essentially be us riffing and ranting about a few cards we’re not fans of (one of mine being the Darksteel/Blightsteel Colossus tag-team) and essentially record it.  Anthony talked with some of his friends about feedback and we’re probably gonna start doing some “interview” style of episodes where we have guests on and ask them about things and the topic at hand.   Does anyone know anyone who has a multiplayer cube?  Let me know.  🙂

I also wrote an article on QuietSpeculation about the use of alternate classifications in cube (man, that just sounds so robotic) like considering Kird Ape as a Gruul card and how to use different aspects in your cube.  Mr. Stybs, I have very much appreciated your help in making my writing better (seriously editors [at least the good ones like Adam] are SO underappreciated, it’s not even funny) and being a really awesome friend.  If you guys haven’t been to his pauper cube blog, you need to go ASAP.


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2 responses to “Oh Em Gee.

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  1. Congratulations. It’s nice to see your hard work pay off, and thanks for all your contributions to the cube community.

  2. Congratulations! Really excited that you are writing for scg now, you generate some of the most thoughtful, thorough content on cube i’ve come across. I based my initial cube on erwin’s as well but after finding yours, and listening to you’re podcast on supporting aggro, made some big changes. The land podcast was good, but didn’t really address the issue of why you run which color fixing lands you run, and why. I would love an article or podcast addressing this, as i am currently running full cycles of fetches and shocklands, as well as the filters and m11’s, but am considering ponying up for some honest to goodness revised duels.

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