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The next episode of the third power will be up in the coming days, with a common episode going up soon after. However, the coming episode isn’t going to talk much about New Phyrexia as it was recorded before the set got spoiled.

So I figure that I’d give a “initial impressions” post since it’s been a while. I’ve been frantically trying to test the set but the usual problems of having little time + having a hard time getting a cube draft going (even when I tell them about nph cards being proxied) manifest as usual.

Many of the new cards are pretty easy to evaluate – batterskull initially made me think “seems pretty good” before fully kicking in and going “hey, this is really good.” Calling it baneslayer is a bit off as the lack of evasion has been somewhat relevant and on the wcsm side, the argument that “just dies to artifact hate” isn’t really good either.

I mainly like the living weapons in midrange rock-style decks since the decks tend to have random dudes like elves and 187 guys (shriekmaw, orangutan) hanging around and they wear batterskull like a champ. Best card in the set for cube? Maybe. Sword is close.

Sword is a card that I think people (in general) are underestimating. Its triggers are relevant vs both aggro and midrange/control in different ways. Once you connect with it, you’ll think “wow.”

The dragon I feel is being underrated too, it has been very solid in testing. 4 mana is kinda crammed for red but I like it. When I was proxying it up, I thought “I’m not that crazy for liking it, am I?” Just then, I saw kenny mayer praising it. 🙂 an important thing is that an opponent HAS to keep its “hatred” in mind. Tap out for a non-flier? Sure. Make it huge, gg?

Beast within… that’s a harder one. I’ve been testing it like mad and I’ve been underwhelmed. A lot of the theoretical stuff people seem to assume that you’ll have a 4/4 or something to invalidate it and that doesn’t happen a lot. In testing, it killed an elspeth tirel after making 3 tokens. Still had to deal with 6 power. Was th green mage able to ignore the 3/3? Not really.

It seems like, in theory, it’ll be insane. I may be nuts, but testing has shown that to be not the case. Granted, I tested it in a gb rock deck vs boros but I also did vs bu control and I wasn’t blown away either. I just wish more people were testing it!


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  1. Your testing shows one of Beast Within’s huge downsides that supporters don’t take into account. Most of it’s targets that cost >3 mana pass the Terminate/Shatter/whatever test. Planeswalkers will get an activation putting you down a 3/3 and whatever their ability did (generally worth 1/2 a card) so you’re down 1.5 cards between the 3/3 and activation. Killing something like a Titan leaves them up 1.5-3 cards. If they played a big-dumb man that did nothing it’d be okay but there are very few of those in cubes.

    • Yeah, I think people are focusing on the ones where they blow up an Akroma or something like that. It’s a card that I really want to like – it’s one of the cheapest ways for green to kill a planeswalker or creature (in color) but the drawback is definitely not a non-existent one.

  2. From the little testif I’ve done I’d agree with what has been said regarding Beast Within both in the article and comments. I’ve found it works best when destroying one of your own permanents for a surprise blocker or to take advantage of a leaves play/goes to the graveyard effect, such as Solemn Simulacrum, etc. It’s a decent card, but I can’t rank it as high as Vindicate. Most common scenario is that it’s an answer to any permanent with a not insignificant drawback.

    • I found that I usually destroyed opposing troublesome permanents (like planeswalkers, Batterskull, etc) but like you said, its drawback isn’t insignificant. A lot of the evaluation seems to imply that someone has a 4/4 to render the beast irrelevant but that doesn’t happen a good amount of the time (and not because of someone doing it wrong as someone on MTGS said.)

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