Crack-A-Packs for Episode #14 (5/26/2011)   2 comments

Crack-a-Packs for Episode #14, ahoy!



Doesn’t Meloku look so sad without proper tokens to represent his awesome vision? Well, it looks like he’s got something to smile about. The business cards for the show are now done!


Much thanks to Inkwell Looter for the awesome art, I’m still shocked at how awesome they are, he KNOCKED it outta the park. 😀

Also, my buddy Andy Pekios started a blog (along with a few others) about Casual MTG, cube and other geeky assorted things – check it out here!

I’ve also been testing Chandra’s Phoenix since it got posted on the mothership.  We talked about it on the episode, but needless to say, I’ve been happy with it.  A mono-color Skyknight Legionnaire is already pretty solid and the recursion is very good and IMO puts it over the top into cubeworthy range as sometimes a little upgrade makes a card cubeworthy (Shock -> Burst Lightning, Mind Rot -> Blightning, Vulshok Berserker -> Bloodbraid Elf.)  The Phoenix is especially nice with red instants/sorceries that deal damage to a player while doing other things (Molten Rain, Arc Trail, Electrolyze.)  I’ve already got it in my cube (which reminds me, I’ll have to update my list…. when I get this week’s article done, perhaps!)


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2 responses to “Crack-A-Packs for Episode #14 (5/26/2011)

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  1. First crack a pack was hard to Pick. I went Grave Father but the Deep Analysis and Fireball are both more versatile options but It’s so hard to beat a resolved Grave Titan. Ravages is a defensible pick but I’d like to see one good support card that I expect to wheel and I’m unsure the signet will wheel. If I saw a good white weenie I’d be more keen to it.

    Sweet business cards, if I make it up to a STL event soon and see you I’ll have to snag one. Also, thanks for the plug!

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