New The Third Power episode (or two) to come this week   1 comment

It’s been a while and a lot of things happened since the last Third Power – Ryan from Limited Resources got a gig at Wizards (and we got a shoutout on Ryan’s epically awesome farewell podcast,) Jace, The Mind Scupltor and Stoneforge Mystic got the axe from Standard, the Commander box came out, a billion M12 spoilers got posted, Adam Styborki got the Community Cube started (I sent my suggestions for cuts last night) and the SCG Invitational in Indy happened.  Wow!

We’ll probably talk about at least the invitational (since both Anthony and I were there – and it was a blast) but the next episode’s topic is slated to be about multiplayer in cube.  We did an outline of it a week or so ago but things got crazy busy.  Thankfully, Google never forgets, so the outline’s still there.  We’ll also be discussing picks in the crack-a-pack voting.  I don’t know if that’s going to be a recurring theme, but I think the idea’s solid – Anthony asked me if I wanted to do it RIGHT when I was gonna ask him about it!

In other news, I’ve updated the appearance of the blog (if for some reason you haven’t noticed) and the pics on my regular cube reflect my current cube’s status (complete with testing out Azure and Crimson Mage.)

I’ve been tinkering with the blue tempo/aggro thing and while I feel that having a 50/50 ratio of creatures and non-creatures results in cutting some really important spells/putting in some creatures that feel really underpowered (a lot of the 2 drops like Spellstutter Sprite – Dreamscape Artist admittedly sticks out rather oddly, but it’s something that I’m gonna try out, considering how well it’s worked in my commons cube), the current iteration (of 27 creatures + Faerie Conclave and 32 spells) works pretty well. It makes sense in that if there’s only 1 1-drop and a couple of 2-drops, blue’s just going to be an exercise of playing control (unless you mise into all of the tempo/aggressive elements.)  Will it be permanent?  Who knows.  But I definitely think it’s interesting (and not in a bad way, like putting apple flavor in BBQ sauce.  Wait, that’s a good thing!)

Also, Scavenging Ooze has been really good.  Think of it not so much as a Withered Wretch, but more as an odd level creature that isn’t too hard to get leveled up.  One game had it swinging for 8.  Wow.  I’ve also been impressed with Chaos Warp – usually it turns the offending thing into a land (although one time it turned an Oracle of Mul Daya into… an Oracle of Mul Daya.)  I wasn’t too keen on Sewer Nemesis, it never seemed like it was better than the Juzams/Persecutor in terms of size.  Further testing may be needed, but I’m not a huge fan (especially since it’s at such a competitive slot in black.  Well, it’s competitive for any color, really.)


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  1. Nice to see an update, man. I was worried that this blog has just turned into a holding area for crack a pack images.

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