Obligatory M12 + Commander Episode (#17) Crack-a-Pack!   2 comments

I’m finishing the editing on the episode (it’s at about 2:08:00, which is a tad on the long side, but it’s shorter than the 2:30:00 that it was originally!)

We had Tristan Shaun Gregson as a guest but he was only able to be on for the Commander cards and we did the M12 cards as a tag-team.

Link, of course, will be provided once it’s up.  🙂

Chainer's Edict Char Dauthi Horror
Fire Ambush Maelstrom Pulse Mox Jet
Nevinyrral's Disk Oblivion Stone Pouncing Jaguar
Tangle Wire Temporal Isolation Uktabi Orangutan
Vendilion Clique Vengevine Wild Dogs
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Poll with mox:

Poll without mox:


Posted July 7, 2011 by Usman in Crack-A-Pack, The Third Power

2 responses to “Obligatory M12 + Commander Episode (#17) Crack-a-Pack!

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  2. My pick was Mox (Obv) but without the Mox I’d probably pick Oblivion Stone. I tend to lean towards control decks or graveyard decks and I really would want to stay open p1p1 as blue tends to be overdrafted.

    Clique is understandable but I think the Clique is more likely to not make my deck than Oblivion Stone. Unless I end up aggro I will play Oblivion stone almost 100%. I like Oblivion Stone over Disk because you can activate it immediately and I just don’t like disk a whole lot.

    I’d strongly consider Jaguar first pick if I knew the other drafters were going to favor slow control decks. You are almost always going to wheel the Wild Dogs and that’s two quality 1 drops guaranteed. If somehow the dogs didn’t come back there are plenty of cards I wouldn’t mind in a green deck like Ambush, Pulse, or even Sex Monkies.

    On average if you pick p1p1 Clique you are hoping to wheel Edict or an artifact. Your tabled options are much less likely to happen and I consider U/G control/value decks miserable. They take to much work to make good in a format full of bombs and lightning fast aggro.

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