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I’ve updated my cube with m12 cards (including some cards that I’ve been trying, like the surprisingly good Blind Creeper.  I had liked it in commons cube [which I need to update with M12 stuff] and it’s transferred over pretty well to “regular cube,” by commonly attacking for 3, much to my surprise!)

I’ve also added a listing of the cube articles that I’ve done so far (28 total) in the “articles by Usman” tab up top and it’s listed by site (misc, QS and SCG.) I’m very happy with how they’ve all turned out, especially the cube swot series, recent m12/cmdr review and the bcsm article.

Also, if you live in the STL area, I’ve updated the cube at Ogre’s Games and it’s now essentially a copy of mine. There are no textless or foreign cards to make it so that someone who’s completely new to the format can jump right in.


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2 responses to “Odds//Ends

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  1. Do you have a changelog of what you added/removed for the M12/commander update?

  2. I haven’t, I usually do a ton of changes behind the scenes and finally implement them, sometimes the original changes get lost in the mix. This unfortunately, is one of those times.

    I do remember taking out Harmonize for new Garruk and I took out Forked Bolt for either Chaos Warp or new Chandra (unfortunately, Forked Bolt almost never lived up to its promise of 2-for-1ing, usually just acting like a Shock. A sad cut especially with Chandra’s Phoenix coming in.)

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