Immortalized in Cardboard   3 comments

The Third Power’s theme show composer, David Merten-Jones asked me to check my mail in the coming days.

I opened the envelope and saw this in the mail.


Wow.  That’s just awesome.  😀

Of course, I don’t know if I have room for it in my cube anymore if I do the retooling of my cube’s multicolor/guild system…

Larger version behind the cut (also, download “Number Crunch” and “Martians from Space” from his page.  Really good chiptunes, when I heard them I was amazed and then asked him to do the show theme.)



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3 responses to “Immortalized in Cardboard

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  1. I love this. *nods*

  2. Yeah, the post on revising the multicolor system went up after I’d sent it off in the mail, and I was kind of sad panda. 😀

  3. Obviously, it needs to be included.

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