Crack-a-pack for episode #18.   1 comment

Episode #18‘s now up, about Planeswalkers in cube.


How many crack-a-packs has it been where Batterskull’s been in the pack? I’m not seeding the packs, I swear!

While you’re here, check out the Limited Resources (mostly common/uncommon) MTGO cube and do a sample draft of it or two.  I’m looking for more data on its drafted archetypes and all of that fun stuff.   Thanks!


Posted July 27, 2011 by Usman in Crack-A-Pack, The Third Power, Uncategorized

One response to “Crack-a-pack for episode #18.

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  1. I picked Control Magic here. I think it’s the strongest blue card over the Bribery. Removal and CA in one neat little package. We will wheel a blue card here, setting up for a good blue control deck, even though several other people at the table will play blue.

    I would avoid white until the pack wheels, and probably opt for UG or UB.

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