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Even though the PTQ didn’t go as planned, I was able to pick up some nice ones for the Cube:

I’m not sure about Skinshifter yet, but I couldn’t turn down the chance to get one in order to try it. Like I said in my M12 review, I think it is good enough as a 4/4 trampler and a later-game flier in green, but only testing will tell! Battlesphere will be a new addition, but I haven’t heard a bad word about it yet. Seems pretty fun with certain cards like Tinker, Mimic Vat, Momentary Blink, and Recurring Nightmare among others.

For a 100+ person PTQ, surprisingly few people were trading. There were a few people there just trading (and not playing), but there weren’t very many binders out before or in-between rounds. Maybe I’m just used to the SCG Opens where there is just constant trading?

On a related note, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to go to GenCon more than this year, and it might be because I absolutely cannot go. Since I’ve spent the last two years in gaming-light cities, I think I might want to start planning on attending more of these gaming conventions in order to binge on gaming to tie me over for the rest of the year.

I think Dragon-Con is the next one on the agenda…is there a list of all gaming conventions somewhere on the internet? There was one in Alabama this weekend that I could have attended, but just didn’t know about it.



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  1. I always have a hard time trading at PTQ’s. That’s why I love the SCG Opens so much: there are TONS of trades to be made.

  2. Wow, the promo Chandra’s Phoenix looks siiiick.

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