The Third Power – Episode #19 (Multiplayer) CAP   4 comments

We’re back, unearthed from the grave!

Crack-a-pack pic will go here once Anthony ships the pic.

But yeah, wow, it’s been too long, everyone.  We’re gonna get a set recording time (like Mon or Wed at 7 or something) to get back on a regular clip.  I’ve been guesting on Monday Night Magic, but it isn’t the same and we’re back… with haste.

Rock over London, rock on Chicago, my friends!


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4 responses to “The Third Power – Episode #19 (Multiplayer) CAP

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  2. Honestly, a lot of these cards are cards I’ve personally cut from my cube for being too mid-rangy. Cards such as eternal dragon, paladin-en-vec, bone shredder, or being too random such as bogardan hellkite(who really gets to 8 mana anyway?). As such the only first pickable cards I see here are birds, call of the herd and mutavault. The rest are meh or very niche and likley to wheel.My dirty pleasure lately has been drafrting GW “little children” decks and so i’d slam one of the green cards, but mutavault is probably the correct choice.

  3. In my cube I love drafting W/R or W/B tokens so I would take the Seige-gang Commander and force the archetype the rest of the draft.

  4. I really like Siege-Gang in this pack. He fits into multiple aggro strategies, and makes a mess when he hits the table. He won’t wheel, but Chaos Warp might.

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