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I was pretty bummed out at first that I had to miss PT:Philly; I always enjoy getting back to my hometown I don’t get to see my family that often anymore. Unfortunately, with the economy and my new job situation, taking time off to make the trip was just not in the cards (YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH, etc.). Luckily, the Con of Dragons was happening the same weekend in Atlanta and I had heard it was pretty awesome. Then I saw it…

Richard Garfield was going to be there.

Back in the day, the street rules of Magic stated that if your card was altered by RG then it played that new way from now on! Since I have a few alters in my Cube, who better to authorize it than the man himself?

There was only one problem: a Saturday badge cost fifty dollars. Even worse, I couldn’t seem to make heads or tails of the schedules to figure out if RG was going to still be there on Sunday, or when/where he was signing at all. Did I really want to spend $50 to get in the door, then possibly more for signings? And more if I actually wanted to play in an event? Nope, I really didn’t.

But I had also heard that you can hang out on the card gaming floor without a badge, but you couldn’t play in any events. Just fine with me! Showing up to Cube and trade and hang out with other gamers would be just fine by me.

I arrived in downtown Atlanta just in time for the annual DCon parade down Peachtree street, AKA the wrong time. After sitting in my car on the off-ramp for 10-15 minutes, I finally began the search for a parking location that wasn’t expensive/far. I found one a few blocks away for $9, and gladly parked and headed to the hotel. Once I arrived, I headed downstairs to the gaming area to find…

…three people playing Magic, and about 40 other empty tables in the Magic area. Ouch.

“Well, maybe they are all still outside at the parade,” I thought to myself. I decided to walk back upstairs and get a birds-eye view of the congregation of gamers for a while. There were definitely some nice costumes, as well as some less-than-appropriate ones for body types. Regardless, I texted a friend to find out if he was around and discovered that he was on his way back to the gaming area. At least we could get a Cube in!

After starting a 4-man draft (I had a very aggressive RB deck that splashed Ravages of War…2-0d), one of our friends decided that he was going to go grab a badge from the other hotel in order to attend some panels and do some photography. He let me know that if he had any info on the whereabouts of RG, he would let me know and assist in getting cards signed however he could. He headed off back up the stairs, and about five minutes later (maybe less), my friend points over my right shoulder.

“Hey, look over there.” he said.

I looked over my shoulder to look right at a spandex-clad posterior (female). I was pretty sure this was not what I was told to see, so after a re-pointing I finally saw…

Richard Garfield.

Figuring that he was just passing through, we finished our Cube draft and then I headed over to see if he had stuck around or not. As it turned out, he parked himself in the Magic play area and was signing cards and meeting people!

Only about 15 people were in line total, and so I joined and started madly flipping through my Cube to find cards for him to sign. This is not as easy as you may think; besides my alters, I wanted to find a few cards that were iconic/meaningful/awesome enough to have signed by the man who was responsible for so many awesome times I have had (and so much time I could have spend doing other things!)

He was very gracious, and the other people in line were as well to let me take a few minutes for some signatures. Without further ado…

They are official! Exalted Angel now has exalted (duh), Reflecting Pool is a plains (it has the W symbol!), and Umezawa’s Jitte can officially no longer be passed. To all those who doubted the validity of these alters, STREET RULES NOW SUCKA!

A few other cards I selected:

For those wondering, that is the tiny dude on the LB art saying ‘DOH’ (for getting struck!)

Brainstorm seemed like a good choice, Recurring Nightmare is about as pimp as it gets now, Taiga is my favorite dual land (just ask anyone!), and Tangle Wire was signed by Glen Angus before he died (at PT Hawaii 1) so I felt like that was a good choice for a second signature.

And some Cube acquisitions (some in, some for thought or trade to other Cubers):

Slam dunk includes.

The return of Mox Diamond! Also, an upgrade to a better AjaniV foil artwork and another include.

Some pickups based on other peoples’ experiences. Will likely include Shrine to start, but I’m not sure about the other three. Thoughts?

I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to get home to draft…fantasy football. Perhaps I will go back tomorrow, but after this small taste of the Con I think I would like to be a larger part of it next year.



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  1. Out of the last 4 cards you presented, I run all BUT the Shrine. I don’t think it’s that terrific. But Steppe Lynx is great; gets better in smaller Cubes where each person has a higher chance of having fetchlands in his/her deck.

    Into the Roil is nice for being efficient early game, and not a dead draw mid/late game.

    And Fume Spitter doesn’t seem like much….but he’s happy to kill Steppe Lynx, Stormfront Pegasus, many of the great Shadow creatures, etc. I’ve never been upset to draw him. On bigger creatures that aren’t going to die in 1 hit, he can be better than Mogg Fanatic, since the creature will permanently be 1 P/T weaker.

    By the way, I just posted my Cube up on Salvation. czeluff’s 500 Card Powered Cube.

    Love the show, take care.


  2. Truly, truly badass. I love those house rules for your cube, and it’s great to finally have a good answer to “why is Reflecting Pool a plains too?” No longer do you have to go into a long-winded explanation of how the foil version has the plains symbol on it. Now it’s just, “Because Richard Garfield said so, that’s why.”

  3. I figure that Taiga is freaking expensive by now…

    Great stuff! I can only speak for my C/U-Cube, but all the foils in the last pic (except Shrine, although that’s gotta be an error.. hmm..) are in my cube and performing quite well. Fume Spitter might be too marginal for a “real” cube, but it’s like Mogg Fanatic, if that helps you. Maybe you get better W creatures than Steppe Lynx, but it is by no means bad. And I’m extremely fond of Into the Roil, you must include it! It’s like 2/4 of a Cryptic Command, it’s done a lot for me and others.

    • I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Shrine from people I respect a lot. It goes into any aggressive deck with red spells, and can become very threatening very fast. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet (I opened it in pack 3 of my mono-red deck draft on Sunday…along with the Umezawa’s Jitte), but I expect it to be pretty decent. If you are a C/U, I would give it a try for sure.


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