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I recently did a cube sealed and had this grieftastic deck.


Lots of synergies too, I’m surprised that it all came together in a sealed deck.

  • Winter Orb + Sword of Feast and Famine
  • 2 Draw 7s + Sword of War and Peace
  • 2 Swords + Stoneforge & Thrun
  • Wheel of Fortune + Molten-Tail Masticore
  • Lots of mana dorks + Geddon/Winter Orb
  • Edric + Mire/River Boa

Edric was a last-minute addition to the deck but he was pretty solid in the deck, typically being a prime removal target at worst.

I’ve also been tinkering with a more creature/tempo-heavy blue build in my cube and it’s had an interesting effect on drafts to see blue decks diversified, but I’m probably not going to implement it fully, cutting back from the 50/50 ratio to something more ‘traditional’ one.  My list has had more creatures than the average blue list and will be that way afterwards.  Still, I want to give the experimental blue section more time to see how the overall effect is and to learn some lessons to be utilized in my cube as a cube designer should always be learning, kaizen for life!


  • If you haven’t checked out my recent SCG article on “cube anatomy,” regarding sections in cube, I suggest doing so!
  • In 3 days, this blog will be 1 year old (at least, from the earliest post.)  Where does the time go?

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