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“Mana rocks” is a term that refers to artifacts that create mana, generally referring to 2-mana artifacts that produce a mana like Signets, Mind Stone, Everflowing Chalice, etc.

Let’s say that you’re in a stock R/U control deck (without Wildfire/Burning of Xinye) – direct damage to deal with things, countermagic, a few dragons, etc. Assume that you have no splashing going on.

Let’s assume that if you had an Izzet Signet in your deck, it’d be in your deck, but that’s pretty obvious.

However… what about the other non-obvious ideas?

Sharing 1 color = Talisman of Progress/Azorius Signet in the RU deck.
Sharing 0 colors = Talisman of Unity/Selesnya Signet in the RU deck.

Now, in a stock U/W control list, how often would you:


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