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I’ve updated my cube again, but as usual, I’m still tweaking some things.  So why the pics?

I’ve changed my cube’s guild system a bit because I still wasn’t happy with the system overall and felt like I could use some more fixing.

One of the complaints about the guild system is that while it groups cards according to their color pair well, it doesn’t address that multicolor cards and fixing play very different roles, which was especially apparent in the non-blue combinations that got less fixing while getting more difficult-to-cast spells.   With this build, I decided to make sure every 2-color pair got its “staple” fixers on the left, 3 multicolor cards on the right and in the middle, multi-color aligned lands/fixers.

While it may look  odd to have signets in the same section as non-fixers like Kessig Wolf Run, I think they role that they’ll perform to the intentions of the guild system to let each color pair play to its strengths and while fixing is definitely very important, I think R/G will find more use out of Kessig Wolf Run than something like Karplusan Forest/Copperline Gorge.


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One response to “Guilding the Lily (Guild Change #324234234)

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  1. I definitely like the consistency that this adds; it just looks like something I’d do. These are very few multicolor cards now, but I’ve always liked this too, because it increases the average card quality.

    Your Figure looks gorgeous btw.

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