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Since the STL SCG event was in my backyard, I figured that I’d go to get some cubing in.  TJAcre from Twitter came into town and we cubed a bunch (Snapcaster on Time Walk FTW!) and it was really fun and it was really nice to meet him in person, as well as seeing a bunch of people from the STL MTG scene who I haven’t seen in ages.  Came to the event late on Sunday to cube and mised into seeing my friend Max who I hadn’t seen in ages, cubed a bunch with him and hanging out with some good peoples at Steak and Shake until about 1:30, when I had to leave as I had to work early today (which was quite the dagger as they were planning on cubing after leaving Steak and Shake.  Boooooo.)


Here’s my haul from the event.

TJ hooked me up (for free!) with the proxy Jace and it’s just BEAUTIFUL.  Just… look at it.  Wow.  :O TJ, I am forever in gratitude.

Kibler signed the Elspeths (I’m so cool that I had him sign proxies) and Adrian Sullivan signed the red cards + Sylvan (as “Sullivan Library.”)  The rest of the cards were ones that I got on the cheap, the Psi Blast and Control Magic being upgraded from white border/ugly textless and a lot of the others were cards that I just never had, like Armageddon, FoF and Molten-Tail Masticore and I don’t see either of those cards leaving my cube any time soon.  I actually rather like the revised Armageddon, if only because of nostalgia, as white weenie with geddons was my pet deck back in the day.  Terastodon‘s another card in the ramp experiment (and possibly Rampaging Baloths, but I’ve no intention of dumping green aggro) that I didn’t get to see this weekend, but I’ve got some high hopes for it.  I’m going to post my latest iteration of my blue section and I’m thinking it’s getting to the point where I’m happy with how it is, but of course, I want to fit a few more cards in (namely blue bounce spells and Memory Lapse.)  I’m not at the 50/50 ratio, but I don’t think it’s necessary anyway and like where it is now.  Pic to come in the next update.

In other news:

The Limited Resources MTGO cube has had some nice success with drafts and I’m pretty happy with the list after tinkering with it for a bit (how did I forget Lava Hounds on my first draft of it?!)  I sent a mass-email for feedback on the current list, which should help with tweaking it further but obviously feedback here is definitely welcome.

I also updated the “Articles by Usman” link to include all of my SCG articles up until now, as it was outdated.  I also plan on changing my list and commons list once I get some more drafts, as I got some good data this weekend (<3 Skittering Skirge, Shrine of Burning Rage and UB Tezzeret, Edric got a good amount better with the blue tempo addition, etc.)

In other news, Anthony and I will be recording a Third Power episode next week, likely on Wednesday and it should be up on Thurs/Friday.  Real life has been REALLY busy, for reals.


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  1. Super excited to hear there is a Third Power episode on the way! Also, the beta PsiBlast + Control Magic are nice.

  2. Agreed. It was a happy day when I finally got my beta Control Magic, rather than the ugly white border one.

  3. Thanks. 😀 They’re not Alpha/Betas, but Collectors’ Edition ones – but the square corners are thankfully hardly noticeable! (I used to have a CE White Knight but I don’t run it anymore.)

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