Possible changes to my list.   3 comments

Too long for twitter, so here’s what I’m considering changing:

-Geralf’s Messenger, +Massacre Wurm (have heard very good things about the Wurm, good so far it has been very good in testing, almost always killing something.  I’m actually pretty happy with black; Geralf’s Messenger feels like the odd man out as it should b really good in mostly-black decks.  For now, I’ll let Gatekeeper be the litmus test as for how often those decks come together.)
-Honor of the Pure,  +Ranger of Eos (Arguably better for the white aggro decks.  4 mana is so stacked though, how often will it just stay in sideboards?)
-Morphling, +Sphinx of Jwar Isle (IMO the Sphinx is a good amount better.  While Morphling can turn on/off shroud, it permanently having it seems much better than needing to leave mana up for it, especially since equipment + big blue finishers don’t tend to intersect much.)
-Vines of Vastwood, +Birthing Pod (should make green ramp better, which I’ve been slowly giving some more help.)
-Crater Hellion, +Pyroclasm (Should be better for red rampy/control decks.  Crater Hellion, in theory, is mass-removal + threat, but I’ve felt that the wrath often costed so much which obviously isn’t a problem with Pyroclasm.)
-Memory Lapse, +Ponder (Overall card quality upgrade.)

Next Third Power will be recorded next week, it should be an interesting one as it’ll be episode 25!


Posted February 20, 2012 by Usman in List Updates, Usman's Cube

3 responses to “Possible changes to my list.

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  1. I’m surprised to see Geralf’s messenger leaving so quickly. I have not had a chance to playtest with it in my cube yet so why do you feel it no longer earns a spot? The BBB is tough on decks but with the addition of so much to black aggro in the last few blocks I’d have thought the casting cost wouldn’t be as much of an issue as a year or so ago.

    • I’ve actually made a lot of behind the scenes changes and it’s back in, now that mostly/mono black has proven to be solid. 🙂 SO much value from Mr. Messenger!

  2. Good to hear so as it held so much potential. If only it had been costed at 1BB it would have done so much more for black aggro decks by allowing greater flexibility. It took WoTC long enough, but finally there are enough low costed black cards (see 1cc 2 power creatures) that aggro black is very viable. I’m still struggling with green as as colour as it doesn’t seem to have any particularly powerful identity to itself unlike each of the other colours. I had tried to make it an aggro/midrange colour but have been largely disappointed. I think I am going to emulate your green list as I have been curious about trying out more of a ramp strategy for green but felt given the speed and ability to answer large creatures spread over the four other colours that ramping wouldn’t be very viable.

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