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Donations!  (mostly by TJ, another friend from STL cracked a Korean DKA box and gave me the Loyal Cathar.  Adam Styborski also donated the foil Keldon Champion, featured later.) You may be wondering why Frost Titan is still in a toploader. I’ve got some plans for it… (DUN DUN DUN)


Stuff I got on the cheap!  (Including a foil Smash to Smitherens + TSP foil Call of the Herd for $4.  Score!)  A lot of it (+some other things) were from seeing a friend who used to run a game store, I had some store credit which was long-dormant that I finally used.  Most of these were either dollar box purchases or ones for 3 for $1.  Insane value!  Also got a good amount of stuff from SCG’s damaged goods, like the Alpha Disenchant for $1.  Nice!


I also got a bunch of signatures, including Chapin signing my JaceTMS and Profane Command, Conley signing Persecutor, Slime and Ajani Vengeant, LSV signing a thousand red cards, Elesh Norn and Vampire Nighthawk (which Owen signed, as they figured out the Nighthawk tech vs Great Sable Stag in Faeries in early 2011.)  Also had Adam Styborski sign the Consecrated Sphinx and Massacre Wurm (as he signed those,) Finkel signed the Haunting, “beta” Lingering Souls and Shadowmage Infiltrator (someone’s going to trade the regular sigged finkel for a foil sigged finkel, but I’m going to have to wait until next month for that trade.)

The big one for me was having Evan Erwin to sign the Spectral Procession (and Cloudgoat Ranger.)  Had it not been for him talking about Cube, I wouldn’t have made my own, I wouldn’t have found what I’ve found a format that I’m truly passionate about, which led me to writing articles.  Although I only got to meet him for a bit because he was busy, I was really happy to have met him.


I also had a fan of The Third Power come up to me, he said he really enjoyed the podcast and had me sign his Sarkhan the Mad which… just blew my mind. Someone asking for my autograph?! Whaaaa? Just crazy… in a good way. We talked cube for a while and had some cube drafts done with him and his friends.

Although for a second, I thought that he was trying to pull the distraction while someone else stole my cube, which is awfully sad that I have to think THAT cynically with all of the event thefts, including the scumbags who stole Justin Parnell’s cube. Bringing my cube to events is really starting to feel like Russian Roulette, but I proxy nearly everything over dollar box rare price to ensure that if I get my cube stolen, they don’t get anything of worth (and I just recently took those proxies out for the original cards.) That and I’m really happy with how they turned out, nearly everyone who has seen my Kanye Thoughtseize proxy has thought that it was hilarious and that’s just not possible with the original!

I almost mised into cube drafting with LSV (but he left by the time I tweeted him) and Evan Erwin (who was involved in another event) but hey, the fact that it could have happened was enough to be pretty sweet.  Also met the guys from The Bridge and a ton of local players who I haven’t seen in ages.

All in all, really fun times. 🙂

PS – check out my article initial impressions of the recently announced MTGO cube here.  It is now featuring an interview that me, Rueben Bresler and Eric McCormick (Eric from Monday Night Magic) did with Zac Hill about the cube. 🙂

PPS – Anthony recently guest hosted on Monday Night Magic!  I’ll link to it when it goes up, but definitely keep a look out for it!


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