This should be a Delver deck.   4 comments


In my recent article, I talked about outsourcing of card evaluation to other formats and how that can sometimes lead to misevaluations of cards. This deck was recently drafted in a 6-man draft and had Delver of Secrets, but it was left in the sideboard, which, at least in my opinion, shouldn’t have been. To namedrop Kenny Mayer yet again, when I asked him the amount of spells needed to support Delver, he said about 7-10, which this deck has. It was drafted by someone who hadn’t drafted before and the people on his team told him to cut it, but I think that was a mistake.

So what of the cards would you suggest cutting, if you were to do so? (the deck had 15 lands total, the 3 pictured above – Port, Mishra’s Factory and Wasteland – and a mix of Islands and Plains.)


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4 responses to “This should be a Delver deck.

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  1. Phantasmal Image does the absolute least in this deck, the only semi-exciting card from our own deck to copy is Fiend Hunter, and MAYBE Snapcaster if we have a STP in our yard. You’re typically going to be relying on your opponent to have good stuff to copy, which is fine, except most of the spells in this deck are geared to making sure good stuff doesn’t hit play before they’re dead to our guys.

    • It’s also worth noting phantasmal image interacts unfavorably with Sword/Bonesplitter and Elspeth as well, just another reason to cut it.

  2. I agree with the majority of the voters in that SIgnal Pest should be the cut. Pest is generally a card that functions best as a “token-enabler” in the way that Anthems function. The more spells and less creatures you have in your deck, the worse it gets (similar to Aether Vial). Delver plays completely opposite to that line of thinking in that the more spells the better. If you did that swap this deck looks pretty sweet and I would be very happy to be playing it in a draft.

    • My first reaction was also that Signal Pest seemed mediocre, but it does have reasonable synergy with several other cards in the deck, shrine/haunting, elspeth as well as being fine, if unexciting, with just any two other guys on the board. It even has nice applications with both pieces of equipment, being a semi-evasive drop that can connect with sword more often than not.

      I do think think Delver is better than Pest, but I think Delver is better than the vast majority of creatures in this deck, and Pest has more favorable interactions with the other cards in our deck than Image IMO.

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