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So the weekend after the most recent episode of The Third Power in which we interviewed Stuart Fleisher (@splitcardcube on Twitter), I traveled over to The Gaming Pit in Lilburn, GA for a GP trial to trade and Cube and whatever else people do at Magic events when they aren’t playing in the main event.  And to my pleasure, who would I meet there but Stuart himself, with the Split Card Cube in tow!

After playing some DC10 with my Cube until we had enough people to actually draft, we picked up a couple of regulars from Stuart’s group and off we went into the land of brain explosions!

In my opening pack I had some powerful options, such as 2 different Swords of X and Y, but I decided to draft the Fact or Fiction/Venser, Shaper Savant instead.  With a powerful card draw spell that is splashable and a very good ‘I’m playing blue’ spell on the other, I decided I would simplify my draft and try to draft mono-blue after seeing Jace, the Mind Sculptor/Bribery in the next pack (Jace is Jace, and Bribery seems better when even more cards are creatures than usual).  Here’s my deck:



– I would up with a small white splash for Geist of St. Traft and Swords to Plowshares, made pretty easy by the Top, Thirst, Flooded Strand, Mox Diamond, Ancestral Visions, Merfolk Looter, Jace…

– Speaking of Top, Counterbalance/Top was fairly easy to assemble and is WAY more powerful than it is usually.  It helps when the Top itself can count as both a 1 and a 2.  Often during games I would float 3-6 mana costs on top and lock out almost every spell my opponents could cast.

– Karakas is nice when four of your creatures are Geist, Vendilion Clique, Venser, and Keiga.

– Going into pack three, I really wanted to see a Vedalken Shackles for my deck.  Imagine my pleasure when I saw it…with Time Walk attached to it! (Never cast Time Walk, btw…Shackles is too good!)

I wound up going 3-0 with the deck, and never felt like I was out of a game.  While I did have some very close games vs. Stuart, I never felt as though the games were out of my control.  I CB/Top locked every opponent at one point or another, and every time I did it felt completely unfair.  I seriously felt like I was playing a constructed deck, and part of that was having twice as many cards in my deck as usual due to the awesomeness of having all these split cards!

Overall I had a great time!  Stuart was great to meet (he even stopped cubing for a bit to help a new player learn how to play Magic!), and the Cube really is an experience in card evaluation.  I would highly suggest making one of your own or playing with a local one if it exists (I know now of one in Atlanta, St. Louis, and Philadelphia).  I’m looking forward to doing it again soon!  Let’s just hope that my own Cube still seems as impressive with only half the cards in my deck…



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  1. Man, this split card cube sounds like so much fun. Is there any info on the card image file and how they were printed?

  2. Although I’m not new to playing cube, I’m fairly new with building cubes. I’ve built a custom Multicolored Only cube with a friend but would love to get the images for this cube as well to sleeve up and try out. Any chance on getting the link to the images? Thanks, sounds like a blast!

  3. Do you have a full spoiler for the split card cube? If you can recommend a method it would be appreciated too but a list would suffice. Thanks

  4. You can create the cards using Magic Set Editor, then print them on very thin paper and sleeve that together with a basic land/crap common. Because every card’s a little thicker, no card’s a little thicker and that’s no problem at all.

  5. Can I get a the MSE sent to me? I’d love to give this cube a shot.

    Michael S. Hill
    • I would also be interested in the MSE file if anyone has it. I started to try to build it myself, but I’m having trouble formatting things like the planeswalkers.

  6. Can I get the MSE file too?

  7. Can you guys share the MSE file somewhere?

  8. I created the MSE file, spent idk, maybe 75 hours at it… then moved and left my PC behind. Got and iMac thinking to finish it but surprise! No workie on apples. Bought another PC, restored it to factory condition, installed all the security updates, d/l MSE, and loaded my saved set. andother 20 hours or so and nearly done, when massive errors started occurring. Refused to save, or save as…, dumped some of the images, then all of them. Uninstalled, reinstalled, tried again… no joy. Gah. As it was the only reason I even got another PC, I restored the thing back to factory condition again, and boxed it up for resale.

    if someone has the visual spoiler, I’d be SUPER stoked to get a copy, but I’m not throwing away another 100 hours of my life trying MSE again. I read the forums, this is not a new bug, and they seem in no hurry to fix it.

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