Episode #33 CAP   5 comments

So, my computer died during the days when I was editing.  Thankfully, I had it backed up and on external storage when I had to reformat.  Also, it seems I tinkered with the settings and I THINK the audio quality should improve for future episodes.

Also to note, it looks like Ingot Chewer was removed from the MTGO cube.  Still, it is awkward that there isn’t one of the Manic Vandal/Keldon Vandals types of guys in there (unless you count the expensive ones in green.)  Also, it looks like Bonesplitter is in the MTGO cube.


Posted December 2, 2012 by Usman in Crack-A-Pack, Cube Drafting, The Third Power

5 responses to “Episode #33 CAP

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  1. I like Strip Mine because I’m a huge fan of LD and it keeps me open. None of the other picks are exciting.

  2. I think I would take either Guttersnipe, hoping to wheel either Hero, Fire//Ice, or Plateau; OR Lotus Cobra, wheeling GSZ or Tracker. Both of these picks kind of give me the start of a plan.

    I wouldn’t fault anyone for taking Academy Rector either, though it’s not quite for me.

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  4. I realize you borrowed the crack a pack idea from Limited Resources but something that i noticed they do that you don’t is take time to talk about each card as they are revealed. How good a card is and what decks it leans you towards or something would be a nice addition when you guys cast again.

  5. nice post, see you next post, coming soon.

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