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From Dzyl’s draft, from the first day of cubing.

From a different draft.

I’m wondering if an algorithm was made where the power cards were put into a separate section so they could be doled accordingly (no more than 2 per pack, when it comes up for example) and if it backfired.  Apparently it’s a bug.

When the first streams came up, 3 of the most watched (Dzyl, Cuneo and… I forget who) were all running slow green decks.  It’s a very small sample size and we’ll obviously get much more data on how green fares this time around, but I hope that this puts a nail in the whole “green sucks with bouncelands and signets” trope.  The one about aggro may still persist, with aggro still being weak, but ah well, take you what you can.

Also, it looks like the signets are using the splash art, from the last blog post.  Eureka, Nether Void, Goblin Vandal and others look to have new art too.


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