Odds/Ends, 1/30/2013   2 comments

So, a few things.

1) I did an article about Gatecrash and its effect on cube. tl;dr, not a ton – it bolstered some multicolor slots and Boros got a pretty huge boost.

2) MTGO Cube is coming back to its Community Cup form, details outlined here.

Mostly of note is that it’s going back to being 720 cards, losing power and other fast mana/ways to cheat duders like Show and Tell/Eureka as well as some other cards like Emrakul and Blightsteel Colossus which get cheated into play. (I’ll post some notable cards that come back/exclusions later, but no Pack Rat/Lotleth Troll are ones that stick out.)

Keep an eye out on Twitch for streamers, since that’s (IMO) one of the more fun parts of cube coming back, especially streamers like Dzyl, Greg Hatch, kstube and others that I can’t think of right now (in addition to the pros who will be doing so.  I assume Cheon/LSV will do a stream of it sometime, probably Conley as well although he won’t be happy that Desecration Demon’s not in.)  I’ll probably do a few video drafts; I have 2 in the pipeline, including a pretty sweet Wildfire deck with the powered iteration and a deck including 7 planeswalkers.

3) Anthony and I recorded the mono-color part of our review of Gatecrash, but when we got done, I found that it only recorded my audio.  Afterwards, I found that it was a problem with the Skype recorder and stereo settings.  It was the first podcast recorded after I formatted my computer.  We should be able to record next week.

4) I’m still messing with my GTC update, but I’m putting all 10 signets in my cube. Of course, in the 3/4 drafts that followed, B/X aggro smashed the table (B/W for 2, R/B for one and likely opposition/tokens smashed, but that draft was pretty loosely organized.)  Pauper cube to be updated this week as well, especially since I’ve lately been able to cube more often than once in a blue moon and since some people follow my pauper list, it’s overdue for an update (I thinking that bouncelands/signets/guildgates should be a fine suite for mana fixing, other things are more in the air.)  I know that I always say that I’m busy which is causing a lag in these things… but yeah, I’ve been very busy. 🙂

5)  I added a “links” button on the top which I’ll eventually populate with relevant links, like David Merten-Jones’ Soundcloud and other various cube related pages.  When it was on the left-hand side, it seemed like the links weren’t clicked and they were kind of blurring together, so I’ll see if the external links thing works better.


Posted January 30, 2013 by Usman in Cube Drafting

2 responses to “Odds/Ends, 1/30/2013

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  1. They only changed 20 cards vs. the last unpowered list, all RTR cards

  2. Looking forward to Pauper update. 🙂

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