Pauper Update! (in blurry picture form.)   2 comments

I cut it down to 390 cards, added ALL of the signets and bouncelands (and guildgates) and changed a few other such things.  Since it’s been a while since I updated it, I ended up just updating it on the tab up top and it’s draftable on

So why did I change to adding the bouncelands and guildgates?  To put it bluntly, the mana’s really bad in the format – I was thinking about the guildgates and how they’re essentially going to be staples and that the bouncelands are, for the most part better (vulnerabilities to LD and inability to keep 1-landers aside.)  Although they may be better in control decks that don’t mind the ETB clause as much, they’re still fine in aggressive decks (both bouncelands and guildgates) so I didn’t want to deprive aggressive decks those tools (even if they may be better in control decks.)

 photo WhitePNG_zps53824b80.png
(card to the right of Basilica Guards is Troubled Healer.)

 photo BluePNG_zpsa5dacb2e.png

 photo BlackPNG_zps92b89a3b.png

 photo RedPNG_zps6b48f099.png

 photo GreenPNG_zps4980cdbd.png

 photo MultiPNG_zpsd395e8ab.png

 photo ManaPNG_zps107d04fc.png


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2 responses to “Pauper Update! (in blurry picture form.)

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  1. Here’s what I was able to piece together for a change log. Note that the changes within each color are a little uneven due to changes in organization.

    – The affinity golems are now included in their respective color
    – Zombie Cutthroat and Gathan Raiders are now considered to be colorless

    -Apex Hawks
    -Chapel Geist
    -Plover Knights
    -Cho-Manno’s Blessing
    +Daring Skyjek
    +Syndic of Tithes
    +Basilica Guards

    -Delver of Secrets
    -Think Twice

    -Liliana’s Shade
    -Vile Rebirth
    -Corrupted Zendikon
    -Mark of the Vampire
    +Undying Evil
    +Choking Sands
    +Carrion Feeder
    +Dead Reveler

    -Gorilla Shaman
    -Mad Prophet
    -Smash to Smithereens
    -Hanweir Lancer
    +Gore-House Chainwalker
    +Tenement Crasher
    +Splatter Thug
    +Traitorous Instinct

    -Gemhide Sliver
    -Dawntreader Elk
    -Pathbreaker Wurm
    -Edge of Autumn
    +Durkwood Baloth
    +Horncaller’s Chant

    -Armadillo Cloak
    +Centaur Healer
    -Skyknight Legionnaire
    +Wojek Halberdiers
    -Izzet Chronarch
    +Frostburn Weird

    -Adventuring Gear
    -Wayfarer’s Bauble
    -Flayer Husk
    -Copper Carapace
    -Armillary Sphere
    -Darksteel Ingot
    -Strider Harness
    -Clay Statue
    -Lonely Sandbar
    -Forgotten Cave
    -Barren Moor
    -Secluded Steppe
    -Tranquil Thicket
    -Rupture Spire
    -Haunted Fengraf
    -Shadow Guildmage
    -Skyreach Manta

    +10 Guildgates

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