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I’ve been meaning to post this deck that I drafted for some time, but since Ral Zarek got posted last night, I figured that now was a good print time to do so.

So these were all of the cards that I drafted for a deck (the rest were irrelevant.) How would you have built the deck?  How many lands would you have played?  [note, there are 33 non-land cards there, so there’s a lot to cut for a potential deck.]


Posted April 8, 2013 by Usman in Cube Drafting

2 responses to “Izzet

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  1. I’d go aggro, cutting the upper end and color intense cards (Upheaval, Sphinx, Shriekmaw, Venser)

  2. I would definitely cut the black for starters, it’s just not necessary when you have as many good playables as you do. I would also cut the expensive spells since you should be able to win the game before you would be casting them. I would probably cut Shriekmaw, Sphinx, Upheaval, Venser, searing blaze, tutor, cryptic, riftwing, arc trail….maybe the fire imp?….not sure about the last cut would be but i would want 23 lands.

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