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So here’s another deck that I had with its pool.  How would you build it?

(also, FWIW, I built a mostly red, splashing blue deck for the last post, I ended up playing Venser and Control Magic as I had a lot of answers for cheap things and wanted to have countermagic/steal effects for whatever mattered. I forget if I either lost 1 game or lost none.)


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2 responses to “Mostly WW.

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  1. This one is tough, every time i look at cutting one of the 3 splash colors i see a new card that makes it good, wish you had an easy way of casting those red spells. Hart to cut Ajani Vengeant from this type of deck.

  2. Yeah, I think you do have to cut the red, though. WB aggro is really, really tough to make work and you have little disruption, but this deck does seem to make it work. So, pull Shardless Agent and maybe Gideon from the top, and add Ravages, Ajani Goldmane, Vindicate, Tangle Wire, Mana Crypt, and either Demonic Tutor (most likely, to grab Ravages) or Parallax Wave (for more removal, albeit temporary). Is it worth splashing for Time Walk?

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