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I was originally going to put this into today’s article on SCG, but figured that it was better for the blog.

I’ve heard some people wanting to take out the clones from their cube, like Phantasmal Image, Sakashima’s Student and Phyrexian Metamorph because they’re scared that the clones will lose too much value after M14’s legendary/PW rule happens.  Don’t.  The value that they lose is nowhere near enough to make them bad.  Some clones like Sakashima’s Student don’t currently make the grade in smaller lists (it’s on the border in my 460-card list) but when it’s time for the Student to leave from my cube, it won’t be because of the clones being unable to kill legends, it’ll because its overall power level can’t compete anymore (due to general inefficiencies, blah blah blah.)

I did a recent cube draft and the PW thing did come up once where a Jace, AOT would have killed a Jace, TMS and it would have been preferable for Jace, AOT to be a Dreadbore than a mini-FoF.  Actually, it didn’t even matter, since Jace, AOT got countered.  


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