Crack-a-pack for episode 40!   1 comment

Yep, we recorded a new episode and a new set hasn’t come out!  🙂


Posted October 12, 2013 by Usman in Crack-A-Pack

One response to “Crack-a-pack for episode 40!

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  1. I think the votes have it. I’m a big Revelation fan, but I have yet to play with Chandra, so I’d rather pick her over Port or Bonfire, two other good aggro cards. Port is good in that it doesn’t limit you to a color, but it actually does restrict you archetype wise. Chandra doesn’t as much, being good in any R/x aggro deck, or even a red control deck. So I’d take the Chandra, and hope to wheel either the Blood Crypt or the Firecat.

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