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Also, I finally updated my pauper cube. Instead of doing a massive update (the card that I was most happy to update was… Rubblebelt Makka of all things), I decided to just rebuild it as a 360-card list here:

Why? Partly as a thought exercise to see how it’d be if I built it anew. Every once in a while, I’ll do a “I’ll rebuild my cube from the ground up” as a thought exercise to see what cards I missed or cards that I may have overlooked and wanted to do something similar to my pauper cube. I ended up making a list and paring it down (I feel like I could change a few things in blue) and I’m pretty happy with how it ended up.

Also, I’ve lately been playing Matt Mendoza’s pauper cube which inspired me to update it.

“What’s up with the multicolor being uneven?”

One of the things I noticed when examining the role of hybrid cards is that they’ve been distinctly different from multicolor – where multicolor was a drawback, hybrid was a benefit. Because of this, in my “regular” cube, I tracked how often people played hybrids in their respective combination vs other colors. For example, I wanted to see how often Kitchen Finks was played in WG vs G vs W and found that they were played much more often in the latter two. So, I made a different section for hybrid with each color being represented and made even – Kitchen Finks would count as a white and green card and in that section, I would make those representations as even as I could.

I did the same in my pauper cube. The only section with less cards in the hybrid section is black, but I’d much rather have -1 black cards than trying to even it out by fleshing it out with bad cards.

So, there ya go. 🙂


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