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I’ve started writing about cube again, with my debut article on being a cube review on Journey into Nyx.  It won’t be on a regular basis (like bi-weekly,) but Anthony and I will be recording podcasts bi-weekly.

I’ve been mostly working with my pauper cube, narrowing it down to 360 cards. I’m trying 3 storm cards in it (Empty the Warrens, Grapeshot, Temporal Fissure) and unsurprisingly, they seem pretty lackluster in 4-person drafts but it can be forced/drafted in 8-person drafts.  It’s something I may talk about in a future article that seems to not be talked about much.


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5 responses to “More odds/ends

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  1. If you weren’t running the storm cards, what would you put in their place?

    Same question for sinkhole, but for cost reasons instead of functionality

  2. I’d go with the Sigiled duo from Journey, there’s some credence to keeping Empty the Warrens because unlike the others, it’s not awful when only done for 2 copies. I’m still figuring out if that’s the case or if something like Tempest’s Lightning Blast would be better – and it probably is. So, I guess the answer is Sigiled Starfish, Sigiled Skink and Lightning Blast.

    With Sinkhole, there really isn’t any other analogue in the format for it aside from Choking Sands which I’m already including, since the rest of those types of effects are super-overcosted (Befoul, etc) so I’d probably go for something like Ashes to Ashes which was a super hard exclusion and probably should be in the list anyway (with something like Augur of Skulls as a backup.)

  3. Do you have an updated list for your powered cube with Journey to Nyx changes yet?

    • Presently, cubetutor hasn’t input Conspiracy cards; I’m going to wait until those are done until I do an update (if it coincides with the M15 card updates, I’ll do so – speaking of which, Goblin Rabblemaster is sweet. 🙂 )

      • Yeah, I like that goblin. 6 power spread over three creatures for 3 mana? Seems pretty good; especially when red’s three-drops aren’t the greatest. Curve into Hellrider or Hero of Oxid Ridge would be fun.

        Cubetutor is now updated for Conspiracy; the draft application can’t handle the ‘draft matters’ cards. Gonna have to mentally trade-in that Cogwork Librairian 🙂

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