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So, it’s been a while, eh, blog?  Aside from crack-a-packs, that is.

What’s been happening?

I wrote a cube review of Khans of Tarkir for Gathering Magic which was a bit of a departure from the usual style of listing cards but instead focusing on how the mechanics manifest themselves in cube.   Feedback on how that format worked/didn’t work is welcome. 🙂

Anthony and I did a cube review and we … kinda recorded a review of red cards in cube.  That is, until I found out that Pamela, the recording software recorded only 2 hours of our 3.5 hour recording session, which pretty much botched that and rendered it useless.  That and I did a hard drive reformat/reinstall of my OS so it’s been lost to the AEther which is sad because it was a super-fun episode to record but we’ve been having weird audio issues with the channels not syncing right and that seemed like a good time to start anew (new software, blah blah.)  But, we’re trying to get into a regular…ish recording rhythm.

Over the next few days, I’m going to be rebuilding and posting a link to my pauper cube as, oddly, the new refuge cycle makes me excited to draft that again (but, as recent attempts to get cube drafts going with it, others don’t seem to share my enthusiasm) and updating my “regular” cube to finally align with my cubetutor list.

I’ve got a few cube design articles in the queue as well, but the lists updates are the main items in the queue to resolve first. 🙂


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