Pauper Cube Rebuilt   1 comment

I rebuilt my pauper cube as a 360-card list here.

There are definitely cards that I wanted to add to it but blah blah space blah.  I’ve continued with having hybrids as separate than multi because they play differently.  (which I may update with a table illustrating this of which colors are represented.)

I’m trying a few storm cards to see how they work akin to how some storm cards were in Time Spiral as a “value storm” spell that combine with suspend cards and other things like borderposts (Emptying or Temporal Fissuring for 3 copies) as opposed to an all-in strategy where some cards like Tendrils are pretty abysmal if not for lethal (that and they’re not common.)

I’ve also wanted to keep the artifact count high… ish, currently it’s at 36/360.  This counts artifacts not in the “Gathan Raiders can be played in any deck” way but dies to Manic Vandal way so that red’s strength in that area would be well-represented.  I haven’t drafted my pauper cube in a while and I think that vacation from it (although I’ve recently drafted a friend’s pauper cube a decent amount and have consulted on making changes for it,) has given me a new look on the format to get me to cut cards like Gravedigger which I didn’t think were doing the work that I wanted, which I wouldn’t have imagined years ago.

I’ve no idea if that’ll actually work and people generally seem to cube on one day and generally find playing Jace and Goblin Guide to be more exciting than Vulshok Morningstar and Troubled Healer (although I find joys in both,) and as such, finding data will likely be slower than with the other cube but I’m still looking forward to how it works out and if I can somehow shoehorn in cards like Mindstab and others in there. 🙂

Oh, and there’s a crack-a-pack for a sample pack:

pauper CAP


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  1. This is awesome. Thanks for updating it. I like playing cubes that are built around themes and synergy, but I’ve always been more of a fan of playing Pauper Cube when it’s designed for straight power level.

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