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So hey, blog update.  🙂

I updated the physical copy of my pauper cube, but didn’t have time to update the CT list and I’ve loaned it out to a friend for him to use (which hasn’t seen as much use here with the group that I weekly cube with.  Different strokes yada yada.)

Off the top of my head, these were what I included:

Notably, I didn’t have room for Staunch Defenders, nor Whispers of the Muse (which makes me nostalgically raise an eyebrow, since those were powerhouses “back in my day.”) with the Tempest Remastered downgrades to commons (there were other things like Slivers but they’re not good.) I’d likely have more room but with the limited room at 360, I couldn’t find it.

So these were the recent adds:
Bottle Gnomes
Aven Liberator (to bring all morphs to 2 per color)
Atarka Efreet
Marsh Hulk
Misthoof Kirin
Qarsi Sadist
Sidisi’s Faithful
Segmented Krotiq (although I’ve a feeling it may not last long)
Sprinting Warbrute
Stampeding Elk Herd
Twin Bolt
Vulturous Aven

Regular cube updates are also something I’ve done but changes haven’t been reflected in the CT list (and as I’m going on vacation in… about an hour) but these are the cards that have been performing well enough to consider keeping, but of course the rub is what I’m going to take out to keep them which will likely have to wait until next week.

***Narset Transcendent has been solid but I tried it in place of Detention Sphere. Had I room for another Azorius card, I’d include it / possibly Dragonlord Ojutai, but I just don’t have room and UW’s high end is very good, as I discussed in my article.***
All 5 of the 1X 2/1 “power ranger” megamorph cycle.
Ainok Survivalist
Shorecrasher Elemental
Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
Ojutai Exemplars
Myth Realized (although this is the one I’m still most “I have no idea how long this is going to last until” on.)
Sidisi, Undead Vizier
Zurgo Bellstriker
Pitiless Horde
Dragon Whisperer
Surrak, the Hunt Caller
surrak ((last night’s 3-0 deck with Surrak that utilized it quite well.)
Atarka’s Command
Kolaghan’s Command
**I’m likely going to include Dragonlord Atarka, but it’s in a slot that’s currently either Ghor-Clan Rampager, Xenagos the Reveler or that. It’s quite good at the role that it fits of a giant RG thing and adds a nice dimension as a Natural Order target that can deal a lot of damage**
Secure the Wastes
Sarkhan Unbroken ((although that’s another where I’ve no idea how long it’ll last, most likely due to how I want to utilize the miscellaneous slot or if the slot would be better served for artifact/other support. Still, it’s a solid PW and my favorite for the Temur cards I’ve tried.))

RE: Dragon Whisperer, I asked the person who (yesterday) had it in a 2-1 RW aggro deck:
Me: I prolly should have asked in more detail than “did it make dragons” but how did Dragon Whisperer perform in that RW aggro deck? 🙂
Him: My deck was so consistently hyper aggressive that he was a 2/2 for RR that sometimes gained flying, if necessary.
Me: was that… “good enough” in the deck?
Him: It was definitely good enough. dudes with evasion helped carry me the rest of the way when they played their fatties.


Posted April 8, 2015 by Usman in Usman's Cube

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