A non-set release update?!   1 comment

Yep, I did a (small) change to my list.  🙂

I got to thinking of colorless sources to integrate {C} cards more easily and in my article review of OGW, I talked about some of the colorless mana fixers.  Some of the more frequently cited sources are painlands and filters, etc.

I hesitated on including another land fixing cycle to my list since it seemed like it wasn’t, for lack of better terms, necessary.

However, this wasn’t really based on anything quantitative, just a general “feeling” and realized that data trumps “feeling” handily and thought to include another cycle of {C}-friendly lands to accommodate for cards like Thought-Knot Seer.  A few days later, I remembered Andy Cooperfauss’ article for cube land fixers (it seemed he misread my article on signets as he thought my POV on signets was the opposite view that I had and still hold – tl;dr are not “too good” nor detrimental to a cube environment.)

I ran the numbers on the 3-0 decks since recording them and found that the average amount of non-basics was 4.63 in those decks.  Adding another cycle (cutting some non-basics to do so, but the overall # will increase) will almost assuredly increase this, but I’m interested in what this is going to do to my cube environment as a whole.

As noted in the last blog post (and I’m guessing I should put a FAQ or something like it) – cutting a card isn’t a decree that a card is awful/jank/strictly bad not close but a card needs to be cut to include others.  I only cut 5 colorless/land cards since they’re all pretty tight right now and the ones that were cut felt the most expendable/redundant.  I did a similar approach to cut 1 of each from WUBRG and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see those come back (since they’re all good cards that have performed well), but all of these were similar where they were in slots with high competition and their roles were covered by other things in their mana range.

-Ajani, Caller of the Pride
-Into the Roil
-Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath
-Goblin Bombardment
-Greenwarden of Murasa
-Blinkmoth Nexus
-Mimic Vat
-Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
-Sword of the Animist
-Tectonic Edge
+Mystic Gate
+Horizon Canopy
+Kessig Wolf Run
+Sulfurous Springs
+Sunken Ruins
+Cascade Bluffs
+Battlefield Forge
+Fetid Heath
+Llanowar Wastes
+Yavimaya Coast

The general idea for what lands to choose were as follows in this hierarchy:
RG and GW: Kessig Wolf Run and Horizon Canopy/Gavony Township were mainly included because of their raw power level and that they help {C}. Out of all of these lands that I put in, Wolf Run intrigues me the most (I ran it before and am interested to see how it works now.)
Other Green lands: Generally opting for painlands so that green decks can get access to t1 fixing for mana elves.
Other Blue lands: Generally opting for Hybrids for UU costs that are seen in this CMC slot.
Other Red lands: Generally opting for painlands so aggressive decks can hit 1-drops easier.
Other White lands: Generally opting for hybrids due to high WW costs in the color.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Cube Miser and commented:
    This is a really great write-up on how Usman updated his cube to include more support for colorless. I particularly enjoyed the reasoning for which kind of lands were included for each color pair.

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