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Tournament Reports

How To Support Your Wife And Almost Win States In The Same Day… In Two Different Cities At The Same Time– An Arizona States report in which I do something that rarely happens in the elimination rounds…

Arizona States report 2004: Impressing My Wife, Two Years in a Row! *T2*
– Second year of back-to-back almost-winning of States.

How I Learned to Set Up Us the Bomb…an Unhinged Report– An Unhinged prerelease report, complete with pictures!

Tucson PTQs are for Chumps – PTQ Honolulu – Mesa, AZ *1st*– I won a plane ticket to the first Hawaii Pro Tour by predicting the metagame perfectly and adjusting my main deck and sideboard to not drop a match.

Tiebreaks Make a Sad Panda– I missed top eight at Regionals on tiebreakers, but it was my own fault for an early ID.

Hitting Line Drives– My report for finishing 4th at the SCG Legacy Open in St. Louis. Also, it was the first time I met Usman!

Countertop for Fun– Playing a deck outside of my comfort zone, I learned a lot about Magic and myself and BARELY missed Top 16 at the SCG Legacy Open in Atlanta.

Cube Articles

The Cube: Construction and Card Selection– My MTGSalvation article on how I like to construct my Cube, and some card recommendations that are a bit outside the box.

New Cube, New Phyrexia– My first Cube article on QS: a New Phyrexia Cube review.

Teaming the Cube: Cultivating your Playgroup
– My advice on how to build a regular Cube playgroup to get the most enjoyment out of your Cube.

Teaming the Cube: SCG Invitational and Survivor Draft– Part dual tournament report, part introduction to an awesome draft format. Good stories inside!

Scheming the Cube: M12 Cube Review – My review of cards in M12 in the context of cube.


Posted July 14, 2011 by Usman

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